We Are ROKiT

ROKiT likes to do things differently. Through compassionate capitalism, we strive to deliver affordable, world leading premium products and pioneering services for all. We take our products, partnerships and responsibilities very seriously but never ourselves. We are innovative, rebellious and proud. #WeAreROKiT

ROKiT Homes

ROKiT Homes provides best in class design, affordable & high quality, reusable and customizable modular housing.

Environment friendly, sustainable and reusable – the housing of the future.

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ROKiT Life

#We Are ROKiT. We’re in it for life.
We‘re passionate about creating outstanding products and services to improve people’s lives through a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued.

Our mission - Art of Craft and technology in the service of a better life.

Worldwide shipping.

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ROKiT Studios

Driven by a passion for creating great stories targeted to a global audience on all continents.

Championed by storytellers, talented artists, producers, directors, and creative technologists from multinational backgrounds.

We have a dedicated team of artists who specializes in producing high quality, value-oriented content for kids and families around the world. The shows we create always feature inspirational heroes and amazing stories.

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ROKiT Launch

Representing a global team of award-winning producers, ROKiT Launch sells craft brands using a robust salesforce which utilize our innovative technology platform

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ROKiT Gear

Time To be Free, Love Fashion and Be Original.

Join the ROKiT Revolution - free-thinking people who are not slaves to mainstream fashion label.

Worldwide shipping.

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ROKiT Drinks
Our brands include ABK, Bandero Tequila (sold under license), ROKiT Spirits (Gin, Whiskey & Vodka), Vargas Vodka, ROKiT Fuel and currently under development, Iskabar Water.
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ROKiT Benefits

ROKiT Benefits provides immediate access to virtual doctor visits, roadside assistance, legal services, and ID theft insurance.

Available on all smartphones, ROKiT Benefits covers the entire family, and there's never a contract.

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ROKiT Phones

ROKiT Phones make innovative and affordable mobile devices, bundled with life-changing services such as telemedicine, roadside assistance, and legal support.

All our phones are unlocked, dual-sim, and offer the latest tech such as glasses-free 3D viewing, and free access to one of the world’s largest catalogs of 3D content on ROKiT FLiX 3D.

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ROKiT Diskuss

Diskuss enables the purchase of real time person-to-person medical consultations. We at DISKUSS believe that everyone should have instant and affordable access to a board-certified counsellor, and therapist whenever and wherever needed.

This belief is what unifies all of us at DISKUSS. DISKUSS connects anyone - with or without insurance - to high quality counsellors, and therapists saving valuable time and money. Our approach to care is all about breaking down the walls of an office and supporting your mental health wherever you are.

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ROKiT Cities
ROKiT Cities builds and installs WiFi networks across towns and cities in developing communities. Our IP protected and proven solutions can be deployed in both public and private network environments, and are supported by our vast ecosystem of partners. Using our proprietary technologies, ROKiT Cities delivers fast and reliable, mesh WiFi XL networks to cities around the globe.
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ROKiT Games
Supporting independent developers of mobile and console games to foster emerging talent in the gaming industry.
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ROKiT Radio
A non-profit streaming Radio platform, bringing the best shows from the Golden Age of radio.
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ROKiT Ride

The ROKiT Group recently entered into the rapidly growing ebike industry and launched ROKiT Ride. The new company has secured the distribution rights as well as the intellectual property rights to some of the best-in class ebike models across a variety of price points. ROKiT is also in the process of building the largest North American ebike facility to assemble bike styles from around the world ensuring each bike has American-built qualities.

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ROKiT Group
ROKiT Group is a next-generation global media company engaged in multiple aspects of content production and distribution, including movies, television, sports, music, drinks, and mobile entertainment.


We align ourselves with organizations and brands who share a common vision, celebrating competition and innovation.

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Giving Back

Community is key. Meet the people who are making a difference in the ROKiT community, and are continually working to create a better, more connected world.

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