Giving back

Community is the driving force behind everything that we do. We partner with brands who share our vision, and who are continually working to create a better, more connected world for their fans, their communities, and each other.

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Vets to Vets Thanksgiving Dinner

ROKiT Phones co-founder and philanthropist, John-Paul DeJoria served in the Navy, so supporting our nation’s veterans is an issue very near and dear to his heart. ROKiT partnered with the Chargers and the Veteran Advocacy Group of America to provide veterans and their families Thanksgiving dinner, as well as free ROKiT phones.

Hoops for Troops

Hoops for Troops honors active and retired service members, and their families in this year-round military and veteran-serving organization. It is an initiative led by the NBA, its players, and its teams (with their partners like ROKiT).

Open Sky for Autism – Air Hollywood

Air Hollywood, the world’s largest aviation-themed entertainment studio hosted with ROKiT its annual Open Sky for Autism – a public service event that equips families living with Autism to manage their unique challenges experienced during air travel.