ROKiT Drinks

ROKiT Drinks has a rich history of creating quality brands, and the ability to develop and source exceptional drinks. Our range of brands — ABK Beer, ROKiT Fuel and Bandero Premium tequila, stay true to those ideals.

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Innovation and Excellence

We strive to innovate and develop the best drinks on the market. ROKiT Fuel is a 100% natural energy-giving drink with added botanical ingredients. Bandero (sold under license) is twice distilled, using only the finest Blue Weber Agave cultivated from the hills of the Los Altos Highlands, Jalisco, Mexico, giving it an ultra-smooth taste. ABK Beer is brewed and bottled at our medieval brewery in Bavaria using the same technique for over 700 years.

Hand-Crafted Distillation

We focus on the "craft" in craft distillation and consider ourselves to be artisans first, and beverage producers second. Our processes, traditional in nature, have been learned, honed, and crafted into a modern day replication of traditional methods. We still do almost everything by hand.