ROKiT Phones

ROKiT Phones makes affordable, glasses-free 3D mobile devices with life changing benefits. ROKiT is transforming the way consumers access healthcare by offering vital services such as discounted telemedicine, pharmacy savings, and family legal services. These services plus many more are all available via the ROKiT Hub app.

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Free International WiFi Calling

ROKiT’s suite of phones come with free international WiFi calling to landlines and mobiles in 60 different countries via ROKiT Talk as well as access to the largest catalog of 3D content on the ROKiT Flix App.

Immersive 3D Content

Our customers enjoy immersive 3D content on their phones without having to wear any glasses thanks to the high definition stereoscopic screen built into our flagship handsets. Top studio movies will soon be available to watch exclusively in 3D on our phones.